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We follow principles rooted in Emotional Intelligence and Behavioral finance as much as those found in financial services. Our objective is to be viewed as part of and working in harmony with our exclusive managers. We spend time to deeply understand our client׳s culture and investment philosophy, so we can develop the most appealing and sustainable brand identity for our local network of investors.


We see tenacity as the point where curiosity meets discipline. Every capital commitment, is the result of carefully planned steps that leads to a successful partnership. “No doesn’t mean no — just ‘not now.’”

People Driven

This is an interpersonal business and we have managed to master relationship management with the leading buy-side investors in the Israeli capital markets, cultivated and developed over many 70 years collectively.


Truthful and transparent on-going communication, bottom-up and top-down to ensure our engagement leads to the required and above, value creation.

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